Blog by Sumana Harihareswara, Changeset founder

06 Jul 2023, 12:47 p.m.

Syndication and Organization

I tag blog posts rather erratically, and keep meaning to go back and systematically taxonomize my thousands of past posts. One thing that my new blogging platform includes is another way to highlight particular posts for attention: individual "collections" of posts listed on the "Collections" page, which is prominently linked on the top navbar of the site.

Last week I went through about nine years' worth of archives to add posts to a few collections, which you might enjoy browsing:

  • Sometimes-silly ideas: I often dream up business or project ideas. Often they’re silly. Often I have no intention of executing on these ideas. Feel free to implement them. Caution: several are probably pretty bad!
  • Fundamental ways I think about things: These posts illustrate some of the underlying beliefs, habits, and approaches that undergird how I reason and act.
  • Detailed instructions: Systematic how-to explanations on a variety of topics.

Also, for some of you, because of some missing or misconfigured redirect rules, my RSS and Atom feeds broke last year, argh. I have now remedied that and a few category-specific RSS feeds, so that's why you've suddenly gotten my recent posts in your feedreader. Sorry for the hiatus and the clutter! And I am working to switch over to full-text feeds at some point, soon, I hope.