Blog by Sumana Harihareswara, Changeset founder

05 May 2021, 9:56 a.m.

Fatigue And Adaptability

In my dream last night, I was in an in-person work meeting. And then, halfway through, we started talking about how badly we were coping with the strains of the pandemic. After each person spoke, they got a blanket and lay down on the floor and started a much-needed nap.

I had this dream the night after I read that, in some chunks of the world (such as mine),

The clear skies we're seeing might merely be the calm in the eye of a storm.

Consequently, I would advise everyone who is fully vaccinated to make the most of their liberty while they have it, in case it goes away again.

In particular, if there are important things that you've been putting off due to to the risk of doing them, because they're necessarily in-person, you might want to get on that. That might be health things, that might be family things, that might be work things. Whatever it is, maybe do it sooner rather than later.

Leonard and I got our second vaccine shots in late March, so the past few weekends we've seen a few fully-vaccinated friends. I got to go hiking on Sunday! But now I am thinking I need to think about errands, and -- despite this weariness -- use this time towards them, while I can.

Whatever structures I set up to help me through this, whether routines or mindsets -- I ought not let them calcify past usefulness. I am trying to remember that I have the capacity to be flexible, and that fear is the mind-killer.