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20 May 2014, 0:17 a.m.

My Real Children

A few months ago I got to read an advance copy of My Real Children, the new book by Jo Walton. It goes on sale today in North America, and if your reading tastes mirror …

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22 Apr 2014, 22:12 p.m.

Necessary Dreams - Content and Cover

My household has donated a few books to the Hacker School library. RESTful Web APIs - easy. I also donated four interrelated books: Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing Women Don't Ask: The High Cost …

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09 Apr 2014, 0:29 a.m.

Some Short Reading

American Scientist is the good stuff. Accessible prose but not condescending, and covering a variety of biological, mathematical, physical, and social sciences. "Programming Your Quantum Computer", "The Toxicity of Recreational Drugs", and "Empirical Software Engineering" …

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26 Feb 2014, 22:03 p.m.

Cat, Dog, and Badger Each Own A Bookstore. They Are Friends.

In San Francisco last month, I found out about the bookstore trio of Dog Eared Books, Alley Cat Books, and Badger Books. Immediately I wished for a children's book about the weekly chats of a …

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08 Feb 2014, 19:16 p.m.

Hasty Reviews of Recent Books

I have been reading a lot of books lately and not blogging about them. This reign of non-terror must end! I am trying to note what I've read over the past, like, five or six …

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02 Feb 2014, 8:44 a.m.

Foolscap Followup

I'm currently at Foolscap, a hospitable and thoroughly delightful scifi/fantasy convention in the Seattle area. Leonard is a Guest of Honor and I get to be his consort. This year Foolscap takes place in Redmond, …

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04 Jan 2014, 20:50 p.m.

Linkdump of Scifi, Songs, Sprezzatura, and Misc Does Not Start With S

Medical user experience in the US is pretty terrible; at least one New York City medical practice is looking to improve that. I've had really good experiences with Kaiser Permanente's infrastructure (pharmacy, test lab, specialists …

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26 Dec 2013, 21:33 p.m.

Yuletide 2013 Recommendations

I have been sick with a cold for about a week. Fortunately, this year's Yuletide fan fiction harvest brought me tremendous bounty! I now feel the urge to re-watch or re-read Protector of the Small, …

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22 Dec 2013, 9:42 a.m.

Why Julia Evans's Blog Is So Great

Some writing is persuasive; it aims to cause you to believe or do something. Some is expository; it aims to cause you to understand something. A lot of tech writing is persuasive or expository. Some …

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27 Nov 2013, 14:45 p.m.


I hereby recommend to you the super-readable, witty, on-point analysis of cosmetics ad claims at "Brightest Bulb In the Box: Beauty for Critical Minds". Much thanks to terriko for the link to BBItB! If you …

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