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02 Nov 2015, 7:11 a.m.

Words I Didn't Know in "Camp Concentration"

I recently re-skimmed Camp Concentration by Thomas M. Disch to list the words he uses that I did not know. In this list I do not include words he uses and then immediately defines (e.g., …

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28 Oct 2015, 11:15 a.m.

A Month, Ish

I have been fairly low-volume on this blog lately. Some stuff I've been up to: I wrote a Geek Feminism piece about feminist tech demos I saw at a showcase in New York City. I …

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08 Jul 2015, 14:33 p.m.

Ripples In The Information Stream

Media consumption! I read various books recently: a bunch of Courtney Milan, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (my first Austen!), Of Noble Family by Mary Robinette Kowal, and the whole run of Gotham Central …

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13 May 2015, 22:51 p.m.

My Thoughts on Two Ken MacLeod Works

Crooked Timber invited me and other writers to discuss the work of science fiction author Ken MacLeod. Thus, I have a new post up at CT: "Games, simulation, difference and insignificance in The Restoration Game …

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24 Apr 2015, 15:26 p.m.

Technothriller Book Review Partially In The Form Of A Python Exercise

I am glad I read Hackster: The Revolution Begins..., a technothriller by Sankalp Kohli and Paritosh Yadav taking place in modern-day India. It's plotty and passionate and tense, and it's about Indians to whom India …

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06 Apr 2015, 23:06 p.m.

Book Reviews With Idiosyncratically Selected Book Covers

More book reviews from the past year or so! I believe this catches me up! Government Brahmana by Aravind Malagatti. I am a Brahmin, which is to say, I have high-caste privilege. I have a …

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28 Mar 2015, 22:44 p.m.

More Books I've Read Recently

More book reviews from the past year or so! I am still catching up and am not done catching up. Up Against It by MJ Locke. You can read the first 5 chapters free online. …

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09 Mar 2015, 20:13 p.m.

Words About Words About Words

I'm most of the way through Beloved by Toni Morrison -- my thanks to Debbie Notkin for causing me to take a deep breath and open it again. Reading it now, I'm grateful for all …

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02 Mar 2015, 14:09 p.m.

Some Books I've Read In The Last Year

I have read many, many books since I last rounded them up. I may start using LibraryThing or similar to track and recommend things since I demonstrably don't blog about the books often enough to …

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24 Feb 2015, 9:37 a.m.

Revisiting "Dave Barry In Cyberspace" (1996)

I have been rereading Dave Barry's Dave Barry In Cyberspace (published in 1996), which has held up about as well as Neal Stephenson's In The Beginning Was The Command Line (1999). On the software you'll …

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