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30 Jul 2010, 14:45 p.m.

Important Distinctions In Kannada

"Kaali" (empty) vs. "Ka(r)li" (a goddess of death). "Thali" (plate for food) vs. "tha(r)li" (necklace married women wear). The (r) here indicates just the slightest hint of an "r" before the L; linguists, feel free …

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28 Jul 2010, 14:58 p.m.

Two Business Ideas

First: I am wearing a lot of long tunic-drawstring pants-sash combination outfits here in India. Depending on where you are, you call them "pyjama juba" (whence comes the English word "pajama"), "salwar kameez," or "chudidhar." …

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29 Mar 2010, 10:32 a.m.

My First Seder

Yesterday evening, our friend Beth hosted a Passover seder that Leonard and I attended. She and Dara had created the haggadah by splicing together elements from three haggadot, including a few moments where (as Beth …

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28 Dec 2009, 9:23 a.m.

Refracted Light

Glurge is a certain kind of inspirational story. It's unattributed, it's a honed anecdote honoring goodness and generosity and loyalty and stamina and often faith, and it has a kitschy feel that irony-aligned people of …

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25 Nov 2009, 1:02 a.m.


I recently read Linda Gordon's The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction (Harvard University Press, 1999). It's an edifying and engrossing read. Let me quote the publisher's blurb: In 1904, New York nuns brought 40 Irish orphans …

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18 Oct 2009, 18:22 p.m.

Happy Deepavali

As Leonard suggests, celebrate by reading Jeff Soesbe's near-future scifi story, "The Very Difficult Diwali of Sub-Inspector Gurushankar Rajaram." I'm surprised at how much it meant to me, emotionally, that President Obama personally celebrated Diwali …

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02 Jul 2009, 14:48 p.m.

While Listening To Kraftwerk

The votes all request the New York As Religion hypothesis. So here goes some analogizing. Actual ethnographers, please correct the hell out of me. The phenomena I wish to explain: New Yorkers feel at home …

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10 Apr 2009, 9:58 a.m.

The Latter Link Includes Dick Van Dyke Non-Pun Joke

Today, looking at the tax documents, I saw Leonard's name next to mine and felt awe again that we're really seriously married. Mega-married! proclaimed Leonard. We conjectured that maybe the government should let same-sex couples …

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28 Jan 2009, 19:45 p.m.

A Secular Catechism

A More Perfect Union from Andrew Sloat on Vimeo.

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17 Aug 2008, 22:34 p.m.

Commemorating The Memorable

I wish a happy birthday weekend to my sister, who has been having multiple melas to celebrate. Nandini's birthday and that of India itself nearly coincide. Coincidence? Semantically, sorta! Long years ago we made a …

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