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Apartment Life

14 Jul 2005, 2:49 a.m.

Stayin' Awake

When I wake up very early, I wonder whether I can get back to sleep. Sometimes a cup of water or trip to the loo will do it, sometimes daydreaming will. But what doesn't help: …

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26 Apr 2005, 22:24 p.m.

Batteries It Is

The ugly little cubes that plug into a power outlet and recharge a phone or power a mobile cassette recorder or what have you have a special name. The hip call them "wall warts." Tonight …

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06 Feb 2005, 21:06 p.m.

Cleaning Service RFC

Request For Comment. I'm considering hiring a cleaning service to thoroughly clean a one-bedroom apartment - a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a small bathroom and a tiny foyer. If you have any experience …

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04 Feb 2005, 8:43 a.m.


"I was just pointing out another reason that I'm right, and I think you should take that in the spirit in which it was intended." "I think I did!"

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22 Nov 2004, 15:16 p.m.


Elephant Pharmacy IS a chain!

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13 Jul 2004, 14:02 p.m.

The Chart Does Not Lie

Make A Cost-Per-Wear Chart and embarrass yourself into wardrobe reasonableness!

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23 Jun 2004, 20:44 p.m.

America's Moving Adventure

Leonard just moved slightly further from my apartment. It will now be slightly harder to visit him for dinner four nights a week.

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14 Jun 2004, 22:03 p.m.

Post-Weekend Update

My performance evaluation went fine. Evidently I am doing a very good job but we still have ideas for goals and improvements. My haircut makes me look like Anjali from Alison Bechdel's strip. On Wednesday …

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17 Aug 2003, 14:05 p.m.

I bought some mockmeat bacon and got home to discover…

I bought some mockmeat bacon and got home to discover that the expiration date was the next day. So I ate it all. I think the last slice was not quite as tasty as the …

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09 Jul 2003, 13:56 p.m.

I have to go to Leonard's place to watch Last…

I have to go to Leonard's place to watch Last Comic Standing on NBC, as I don't get Channel 11, and Enterprise's new season on UPN hasn't started yet. So the worthwhile channels that I …

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