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Apartment Life

24 Sep 2006, 23:20 p.m.

The Science of Sleep

Leonard and I just saw the new Gondry film. He liked it more than I did, although I found it quite beautiful visually. I remember that I used to have more empathy for mentally ill …

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14 Aug 2006, 7:08 a.m.


On Saturday Leonard and I (and some Fog Creek people) visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I got to see a Georges de la Tour that I'd long admired. I especially love this detail of …

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29 May 2006, 14:40 p.m.

Leonard Quote

I asked, in our incredibly hot apartment, "Why are only some of your [shirt] buttons buttoned?" Response: "Oh, I take life as it comes."

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06 May 2006, 14:45 p.m.

Freaking Mouse

Aaaaargh. I hate hate hate having a mouse in the apartment. I don't know what's worse, seeing it or not knowing where it is.

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20 Jan 2006, 13:20 p.m.


Huzzah for having moved. Huzzah for ABF U-Pack and for LaborReady. Huzzah for easy access to a subway station and to cheap restaurants that deliver. And a giant huzzah to Leonard for not only following …

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18 Jan 2006, 13:01 p.m.

The Golden Ticket

I signed a lease on an apartment in Astoria, in Queens. Astoria feels like San Francisco's Ingleside/West Portal with a bit of the Mission, only lots of Greek instead of lots of Spanish. Many thanks …

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06 Jan 2006, 23:16 p.m.

A Long Goodbye

A zillion people, including people who never worked with me or are no longer at Salon, came to my goodbye lunch at Taylor's Automatic Refresher and my goodbye party at Town Hall (a restaurant/bar on …

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26 Dec 2005, 9:09 a.m.

Request For Help

There is one piece of sentimental-value furniture (a large dresser) that needs to get moved down to Leonard's mom's house in Bakersfield, and we'd pay to get that moved. If you know someone with a …

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23 Dec 2005, 22:10 p.m.

Collections Of Links For Advice

Book-shipping advice from one who knows! The Moving Scams website is being very helpful to me in finding a way to get stuff across the country. Note to self: join MeFi and ask this user …

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21 Dec 2005, 11:39 a.m.

Big Giant Announcement

I have been extraordinarily fortunate in the caliber of the institutions that have employed me since I left college. I did a tour as a retail warrior at Berkeley's landmark of literacy, Cody's Books. I've …

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