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13 Feb 2023, 15:00 p.m.

A Silliness

Leonard and I have our panorama of daily web games, including Squareword. Squareword asks you to puzzle out a 5-by-5 grid of letters where the rows and columns all form words.

The other day I suggested a particular set of words for 4-across and 5-across.

Leonard: "But that means 2-down would end in 'EDDD.'"

Sumana: "The English language needs to move with the times."

Leonard: "But is the best moment to do that in the middle of a game of Squareword?"

Sumana: "Are you standing athwart history, yelling 'stop'?"

Leonard: "I'm standing athwart history, yelling 'EDDD.'"


13 Feb 2023, 15:37 p.m.

Have y'all checked out Waffle ( I've been enjoying it and the weekly Waffle Deluxe.