Blog by Sumana Harihareswara, Changeset founder

09 Jun 2022, 11:00 a.m.

Some Upcoming Availability: Talks And Coaching

For once, I have no upcoming public talks scheduled. Now's a good time to invite me to present or do stand-up comedy at your event or organization, or guest on your podcast, or to give testimony in a legislative or judicial hearing.

If your organization or conference is for-profit, I will be much more likely to be able to speak to you if you offer an honorarium.

For COVID risk reasons, I'm only interested in virtual appearances for the foreseeable future. I could make an exception for events in New York City, or someplace <5 hours' journey by train, if you're doing serious risk management at your event (e.g., it's entirely outdoors, or mandatory testing on-arrival every day, things like that).

I can speak for five to fifty minutes. I'm particularly interested in paid engagements doing stand-up comedy about the tech industry as entertainment during virtual internal company conferences, or paid engagements discussing management and maintainer skills in open source.

I'm available starting in August 2022. I usually need two months' notice to deliver a new talk (including performing stand-up comedy), and two weeks' notice to speak on a podcast or panel. I need less notice to reprise a talk I've already delivered. For topics, check out my consulting resources or my Talks page:

Also: I haven't yet added it to my list of consulting services, but for the last few years I've done some paid career or management coaching/advising for open source maintainers, leads, and managers. I ask questions, give homework, share advice and documents, tools, and templates. My recent blog post on nurturing volunteers came out of one of those sessions.

I do both one-off sessions and longer engagements (say, 8-12 sessions spread out over several weeks or months). Questions I have helped people with include:

  • Why did this initiative go awry and how do I move forward?
  • Leaders in our open source project have a technical disagreement and are tough to talk with; can I lead us forward, and how?
  • What can I do to help the new team members onboard better than I did?
  • We're holding an onsite where a distributed team will get to work together; what schedule will make the best use of that time?
  • What am I looking for next in my career, and how do I get there?

I have a little availability for one or two new clients in the near future; please email me if you'd like a free initial chat.