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13 Dec 2021, 7:07 a.m.

Switched To a New Blogging Platform

The first big chunk of work on migrating to a new blogging platform is done! I am of course slightly nostalgic about my old hand-hacked HTML and the specific NewsBruiser featureset. But it is now far easier for anyone to search and browse my archives, for me to include images in a post...

Alert: Sumana is not a registered protocol. (screenshot from Konqueror)

and for me to upload and manage standalone pages such as my list of talks & presentations. And, thanks to better CSS, it's probably easier for anyone to read my site in general.

Some improvements are still in the works and I apologize for the disruption to your Really Simple Syndication feed. (New location, by the way, for RSS, and there's an Atom feed now. Though redirects should be in place so you shouldn't have to update.)

Those of us who have been blogging for years and even decades sometimes need to figure out what to do about old entries that are factually outdated, offensive, invasive of someone's privacy, or otherwise a bad fit for today's world and today's Web. As a step in that direction, I've added a disclaimer on my blog posts that are five years old or older, such as "Comprehensions." Feel free to borrow my wording if this is useful in your blog as well.

Once more of the work is in place here, and once we have my business site overhauled as well, I'll talk more about the behind-the-scenes stuff. If you notice something that's a bug, please feel free to report in a comment (and if the comment system itself is what's buggy, email me).


13 Dec 2021, 13:33 p.m.

I wondered if something was underway when I saw some repeats from your feed in my reader this morning. (I can confirm that that redirect works, by the way.) The site refresh looks great, and I'm happy the lilac background is still here!

Craig Maloney
13 Dec 2021, 19:00 p.m.

Would it be possible to put in a full-text feed?

Liking the new updates!

22 Dec 2021, 20:19 p.m.

I saw the repeats in my RSS feed, like Brendan, and they were an unexpected delight! It felt like a chance to go back and catch posts from months ago that I missed the first time around. The new site looks lovely, and I'm glad this gave me an excuse to come visit and poke around.