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10 Sep 2006, 12:21 p.m.

Study Notes

I'm studying for my Corporate Finance class. Every so often I have to remind myself that I am studying not the world as it is, but an internally consistent subset, a continent or a country …

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29 Aug 2006, 10:32 a.m.

How To Make Me Steamed

Take some US citizens, don't charge them with any crime, but keep them from returning to their home in Northern California, and deny them their constitutional rights. Especially when one is a teenager, and they're …

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13 Aug 2006, 23:01 p.m.

Means of Production

The Poor Man says funny things about Mel Gibson and Daniel Davies causes me to enter this post in three of my four blog categories (Comedy, Religion, and Taxes). If Leonard leaves the house, I …

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18 Jun 2006, 23:51 p.m.

Go Robin Einhorn!

Yay yay yay! Professor Robin L. Einhorn, who jumpstarted my interest in taxes and economic history in the first place, has published her big new book on the effect of slaveowners' tax avoidance on the …

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29 May 2006, 13:06 p.m.

Someone Should Start This Business

I do not have an army of rights and permissions lawyers. I didn't when I was devising a curriculum and teaching a class, and I don't now that I'm writing a column. I bet lots …

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23 Aug 2005, 15:43 p.m.

How And Why The USA Messed Up Healthcare

Malcolm Gladwell investigates.

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28 Jun 2005, 9:03 a.m.

Eminem Domain

More John on Kelo! I'm glad y'all got a good price for the land. (I thought "arable" meant "good for farming.") But maybe your uncles were, you know, attached to the land. Pearl S. Buck's …

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28 Jun 2005, 8:52 a.m.

SCOTUS Jokes, Lapsing Into Seriousness

On Kelo v. New London: I keep accidentally calling it Keno v. New London, maybe since it's now a gamble whether you get to keep your land. Every Native American now gets to say, "How …

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11 May 2005, 12:56 p.m.

I Don't Miss Econ - Maybe I Took It Wrong

I haven't been reading enough history. Brad DeLong reminds me why I love history - the whys!

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11 May 2005, 11:01 a.m.

Requires Flash, But Isn't Flashy

The Morning News pointed me to this great explanation of the Social Security reform issue.

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