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Management and Leadership

10 Jul 2011, 1:22 a.m.

"Learn Tech Management" Essay/Notes

Final notes, including an audio recording and an edited & annotated transcript, for my standing-room-only talk "Learn Tech Management in 45 Minutes" from this year's Open Source Bridge. And I wanna also tell you that …

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29 Jun 2011, 19:01 p.m.

Open Source Bridge 2011

I had a wonderful time at this year's Open Source Bridge conference. Last year at OSBridge, I presented "The Second Step: HOWTO encourage open source work at for-profits" and had a great time. So this …

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23 Jun 2011, 10:12 a.m.

Learn Tech Management In Probably Fewer Than 45 Minutes

I've put up slides and pretty rough notes from the talk I gave yesterday at Open Source Bridge, Learn Tech Management in 45 Minutes. I quote Langdon Winner and then Marx & Engels, summarize the …

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09 Jun 2011, 14:04 p.m.

Portland and San Francisco Travel This Month

I'm going to be in San Francisco next week for in-person collaboration with my Wikimedia colleagues. Then, June 19-25, I'm at the Open Source Bridge conference, presenting Learn Tech Management In 45 Minutes. It took …

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03 May 2011, 10:40 a.m.

New Job, New Email Address

As of this month, I'm a full-time contractor for the Wikimedia Foundation, serving as Volunteer Development Coordinator. My boss at WMF, Rob Lanphier, has just posted a welcome note that makes me sound all fancy. …

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01 May 2011, 21:45 p.m.

PICC 2011

My performance at the Professional IT Community Conference went all right. Consistent light laughter, some long belly laughs and several bits of applause. Sheeri Cabral and Tom Limoncelli really hit it out of the park …

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11 Apr 2011, 15:38 p.m.

GNOME Contractor Status Update: Launch Week & Next Steps

(Also posted to marketing-list.) My last email, on April 1st, mentioned that "my main TODOs today, this weekend, and early next week are to follow up on press contacts, the eReleases blast, and GNOME Journal." …

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01 Apr 2011, 16:21 p.m.

GNOME 3 Marketing: A Snapshot

The story of this week, for me and GNOME marketing, is primarily the story of a press release. I collected quotes, revised it in response to feedback on marketing-list, added press contacts to our CiviCRM …

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22 Mar 2011, 20:45 p.m.

A Slightly Disjointed (Due To A Five-Day Cold) Musing On Open Source, Fear, Motivation, And Witnessing

I was introducing C. to a set of QuestionCopyright friends and acquaintances, and they were joking about indoctrinating her, and she was curious to hear what free culture is all about. So she wondered why …

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02 Mar 2011, 3:54 a.m.


Now that my new bosses have told the world: yes, I'm also now consulting for the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that supports Wikipedia and other free knowledge initiatives. To grossly simplify, I'm coordinating software development …

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