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07 Apr 2021, 13:07 p.m.

Painstakingly Reminding Myself How To Play

  This is a little bit about how free-range learners in programming assess our own skill levels and choose what to learn next. But it's also a response to my own insecurity, and to the …

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14 Jul 2016, 13:08 p.m.

A Great Explanation of WebDriver and Browser Automation

Maja Frydrychowicz's "Untangling WebDriver and the Browser Automation Landscape I Live In" is a delightful, very satisfying read. It covers the difference between the W3C WebDriver specification and Selenium WebDriver, explains their history and future, …

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21 Dec 2014, 22:10 p.m.

Why You Have To Fix Governance To Improve Hospitality

Fundamentally, if you want to make a community hospitable,* you need to work not just on individual rules of conduct, but on governance. This is because the particular people implementing rules of conduct will use …

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15 Dec 2014, 11:06 a.m.

A Code Review Group

I'm interested in piloting a peer code review group, structured like a writer's group. So next month I'm starting one out in New York City, starting with Hacker School alumni and participants, and I figured …

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18 Nov 2014, 15:21 p.m.

Using Beautiful Soup, Pystache, and Lunr.js for an Archival Site

My third week of my 2014 Hacker School batch, I decided to take on a project that I'd originally thought about doing a year before, during my first go at HS. Between April 2005 and …

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18 Nov 2014, 12:01 p.m.

A Node.js Project, And Deciding to Shelve It

In my second week of my 2014 Hacker School batch, I asked: What are red flags in scifi/fantasy magazines' calls for submissions? What words/phrases make you think "ew, avoid"? -- @brainwane, 3:48 PM - 13 …

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18 Nov 2014, 9:46 a.m.

Things I Learned About Drupal And Odd 404s

Back on October 7th, I offered "Some Tips On Domain Names And Hosting", and said: "So, next step: choosing a provider, spinning up a server, loading it up, and pointing my new domain name at …

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14 Nov 2014, 15:07 p.m.

Sometimes Paths Are Useful

I just finished a six-week batch at Hacker School. As an alumna, I had the option of asking to come back for three months or for a six-week minibatch, and I decided on the latter. …

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04 Nov 2014, 12:04 p.m.


Last night one of my Hacker School peers was practicing sleight-of-hand with a card deck, and another peer walked over and said, "Oh, I used to run a magic tricks website." I waited with bated …

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04 Nov 2014, 10:49 a.m.


I know some Russian, some French, and some Kannada, and every once in a while, my vocabulary fractures and I say a word from some other language. "Nodu" is Kannada for "look" (imperative second-person), and …

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