Blog by Sumana Harihareswara, Changeset founder

19 May 2021, 16:49 p.m.

Upcoming Talks Plus Stand-up Comedy

In May and June I'll perform some comedy and I'll speak on open source management and investment!

WisCon logo WisCon is going to be online this year, and on Saturday, May 29th, 7pm CDT/8pm EDT, I'll serve again as the comedy host for the Otherwise Award Auction. You can expect jokes and silly live bits about scifi/fantasy, a custom crossword puzzle to solve, and interesting stuff you can bid on! Please register (pay what you wish). I doubt that this will be recorded for later viewing, so if you want to see it, you should register to experience it on the 29th.

Conference logo ÖzgürKon is an international and virtual conference organized by the Free Software Association in Turkey. At ÖzgürKon on Sunday, May 30th, I'll be performing ~25 minutes of stand-up comedy about open source software life. You don't need to register to watch the sessions, but if you want to support the conference, you can buy a ticket. There will be a video recording.

Logo for Upstream: A Tidelift Expedition On June 7th, as part of Tidelift's Upstream event, I'll speak for half an hour on "Sidestepping the PR Bottleneck: Four Non-Dev Ways To Support Your Upstreams". They've now posted the full schedule and you can register for free. I believe there will be a video recording.

Conference logo, featuring a camel and butterfly wearing protective face masks The Perl and Raku Conference, June 10th 2021, online: "Rescue and renew: how to get legacy open source projects unstuck", a 50-minute talk. This will be my first time speaking at a Perl conference (except that I have spoken at OSCON, which started as a Perl conference). Registration is $10. There will be a video recording.

And I can't tell you the specific virtual conference yet, but in mid-June 2021, online, I'll deliver a 30-minute version of "Rescue and renew a project: How to get legacy open source projects unstuck". I'll mention it on my talks page when I can announce it. [Edited May 20th to say: it can now be told!]