Blog by Sumana Harihareswara, Changeset founder

07 May 2021, 10:23 a.m.

Upcoming Talks - Including A Livechat Today

As I just mentioned in my email newsletter:

  • Today! I'll chat on Tidelift's Free as in Fridays livestream, May 7th at 4pm EDT/20:00 UTC, in a one-hour live conversation about open source maintainership and my work.

  • A celebration of software maintenance: Mendercon, May 13th, 2021. Love legacy code? Find your tribe here. (hand making heavy metal symbol)Next week: on Thursday, May 13th, at MenderCon, I'll be speaking 1pm-1:50pm EDT (17:00 UTC) on "Starting an Open Source 'Repair Shop'". Register for free via this special Friends-Of-Sumana link.

  • PyCon US 2021 logoAlso next week, I'm speaking in a few virtual events within PyCon US. At the PyCon US Maintainers' Summit, I'm presenting a prerecorded ten-minute talk "Researching the leadership gap for legacy projects" which will go live May 9th, and participating in "Funding open source work" (4-5pm EDT on Wednesday, May 12) and the presenter Q & A (4-5pm EDT on Thursday, May 13). And, as part of the Python Virtual Training Summit May 12-13 (not sure which date yet), I'm presenting a fifteen-minute live talk, "Tools we need to teach project management," followed by questions and answers. That talk is based on the spec I blogged about: how nice it would be if I could snapshot or composite together a sample legacy FLOSS project, complete with messy old issues, docs, and chat and list archives, and replicate it in self-serve sandbox instances for exercises!

  • I just got word that, mid-June 2021, I'll speak for 30 minutes at a conference I can't announce yet. My talk will be: "Rescue and renew a project: How to get legacy open source projects unstuck".

  • Logo for Upstream: A Tidelift ExpeditionAnd, on June 7th, as part of Tidelift's Upstream event, I'll speak for half an hour on "Sidestepping the PR Bottleneck: Four Non-Dev Ways To Support Your Upstreams".

Details as they emerge on my talks page.